Family Place Symposiums

This biannual national event brings together Family Place colleagues from around the country as well as staff from those libraries interested in learning more about the Family Place Libraries™ initiative.  Participants have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with one another and hear presentations from experts in the fields of early childhood, parenting and early literacy.

Past Symposium presenters include author, educator and developmental psychologist, Betty Bardige; design architect, James R. Keller and parenting and child development expert, Jennifer Birckmayer.

Kathy Deerr, National Coordinator, Family Place Libraries Kathy Deerr, National Coordinator, Family Place Libraries™.

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Out of the Box:
Innovative Partnerships and Outreach

8th Family Place Symposium Denver, CO.

A panel of Family Place librarians from across the country share some unique partnerships to support early learning.  

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How can we ensure that our toddlers and our three year olds get those content rich, congnitively challenging, language building experiences that they need, so our four and five and six year olds ... don't have to catch up?  Family Place Libraries can be a model, a training site, an information source and a catalyst. You can start by providing a language rich setting ... that [parents and child care providers] can replicate in their own homes or child care centers.

— Betty Bardige, Ed. D.       Vice President, A.L. Mailman Family Foundation