Health, Safety and Nutrition

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Marotz, Lynn.  Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child.  Clifton Park, NY:  Thomson Delmar Learning, 2005. ISBN: 140183799X

Stoppard, Miriam.  Conception, Pregnancy & Birth.  New York: DK Pub., 2005. ISBN: 0756609569

Virgilio, Stephen J.  Active Start for Healthy Kids: Activities, Exercises, and Nutritional Tips.  Champaign, IL. : Human Kinetics, 2006. ISBN: 073605281X


American Academy of Pediatrics                                 
Offers a parent resource guide, pediatric referral service, immunization schedule, child care books, and updates on pediatric health.

Household Products Database

Insure Kids Now!                                     
Your state, and every state in the nation, has a health insurance program for infants, children and teens. The insurance is available to children in working families, including families that include individuals with a variety of immigration status. To learn more call 1-877-KIDS-NOW.

Kids Health                                                     
Offers parents information on general medicine and surgical health issues as well as articles on an extensive subject list of child health issues, such as allergies, ear and throat issues, etc… A parent section also deals with behavioral and developmental issues as well.

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)

Tox Town                                          

US Consumer Product and Safety Commission
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction.

Vaccine Education Center


We have a tremendous increase in programming and circulation... Youth Services has added a new position... We are new seen as playing a central role within the community at both the local and state level. Families look to us for help and support.

— Family Place Coordinator, James V. Brown Library, Williamsport, PA